Kayaking From Spain To Israel

22 10 2010

No, not us. In June, we spent a great day in upstate New York hiking and kayaking with our friend Dov. Ayo and I lazily kayaked around a lake and went home happy at the end of the day. Dov, um, kept going. He’s now about to enter his third week of a six month kayaking trip from Spain to Israel, blogging the 4,200 mile trip here.

As Ayo mentioned earlier this week, Dov was kind enough to invite us to join him on his next adventure – which he hopes will be something really big, like kayaking around the
African continent. While it certainly sounds like fun, I think I’ll kayak vicariously through Dov’s blog. You should too. Check it out!

(If any of you are crazy enough to want to non-vicariously kayak from Spain to Israel, I think Dov is open to a partner.)

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29 09 2013
Help Support Kayak Dov's Latest Trip By Buying His [Great!] Book - Don't Be So Serious

[…] on my blog. I am about to and the book is good. Back when I was blogging at Our Take On Freedom I wrote briefly about Kayak Dov’s epic on-water adventure from Spain to Israel. Well, Dov just published a […]

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