A Luxurious Night Away and RVing as a Lifestyle

26 10 2010

Yair’s family has a tradition of teaching Hebrew language and Jewish subjects free of charge to those interested in religious learning.  It’s a practice that was upheld by his grandfather, dad and even his older brother.  Every now and then, a student will gift something in acknowledgment of the time invested.  This is always unexpected but appreciated.

One of Yair’s students treated us to a night in a luxurious (and impeccably-decorated*) Reno hotel this past week.  The experience of getting away from our day-to-day was wonderful, though a couple of community members teased us about vacationing from our vacation.  The stay was complete with access to the VIP lounge, complimentary hors d’oeuvres and breakfast, and a couple of dips in the hotel’s pool and jacuzzi.  Perhaps the biggest surprise of all was a complimentary dinner for two at the hotel bistro, where we enjoyed incredible appetizers (e.g. roasted baby artichokes), entrees and deliciously sweet white wine (as I’m still a baby drinker).  And my god, the desserts!  I don’t think I have ever tasted such delicious food in my entire life.

Sweet VIP Lounge

Sweet VIP Lounge

Cool Hotel Art

Cool Hotel Art

Ayo's Smore... Or At Least the 1/3 Of It Left When This Photo Was Taken

Ayo's Smore... Or At Least the 1/3 Of It Left When This Photo Was Taken

This brings me to the second part of the post: RVing as a lifestyle.  Since our arrival in Reno, a handful of community members have offered us places to stay and shower “until we got back on our feet”.  We thanked them but also assured them that this was a choice for us, not a necessity.  Part of the impetus for hosting the community in our RV during the mezuzah ceremony was to give the curious members a tour and show them that we did in fact have a full kitchen and bathroom in this small space.

Yair and I have begun exploring our plans for the coming months.  On the one hand, the beauty of living in an RV is that there is no need to deal with the cold winter.  We can move on to our next location.  On the other hand, the community here has been very welcoming and the gig that I have with the ballroom dance studio is so incredible that I don’t want to leave just yet.  And I’d like to at least volunteer some time with them assistant teaching to “make good” and thank them for the time they invested in me.

We penciled out a list of seven potential “wintering in Reno” living accommodation options.  After extensive conversation, we realized that while we could rent an apartment or a house for around the same amount of money it would take to “winterize” and install tank/pipe heating pads in the RV, we don’t want to move into stationary housing.  We love the RV and its layout.  Most of all, we just really dig the lifestyle.  Look out for an update on our readying the RV for cold weather in the coming weeks.

*The hotel has a full time artist-in-residence and, though my one snapshot of a hotel rug doesn’t do justice to the creativity of the pieces, the work was just stunning.

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26 10 2010

Can I just say “WOW”. Hotel looks amazing. I really miss you guys!

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