Serve Your Country And Join An Invasive Ant Strike Team In Hawaii

28 10 2010

I’ve been browsing volunteer opportunities at, digging up fun prospects for whenever we decide to move on from Reno. Here’s my favorite – that there’s no way in hell I’ll do. (Besides, it already started.)

Invasive Ant Strike Team!

Invasive Ant Strike Team!

For those of you who didn’t take the time to click on the image and read the description, here are some highlights:

  • A nine month commitment to live on an uninhabited island 717 miles away from Honolulu
  • You get to fight an “infestation of yellow crazy ants” along with the three other strike team members
  • The only non-emergency access is by ship, which takes 3-4 days to transit from Honolulu
  • Oh, wait. That was just for informational purposes. There aren’t going to be any resupply or ship visits for the nine months.
  • You get a stipend for “quarantine clothes” and get to bathe in the ocean
  • Did I mention it was nine months?

But seriously, there are cool volunteer opportunities out there. Some titles of positions we’ve looked at:

  • Trail steward
  • Camp host
  • Lighthouse keeper
  • Ranch caretaker
  • Nature tram operator
  • Ranch hand
  • Orchard hand
  • Natural and cultural resource management assistant
  • Nike missile site tour guide
  • Ranch worker (evidently different from “ranch hand”)

My criteria for locations: January and February average low temperature had to be higher than 40 degrees and the average high had to be over 60 degrees. If you’re stuck in the cold because of your job, get working on location independence. It’s not bad.

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28 10 2010

Hahahaha šŸ™‚

5 02 2011

Interesting location. Johnston Atoll is (was) where the Army stores chemical weapons. Not sure I’d like to hang out there.

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