Sarah Palin PAC’s Alexa Ranking

31 10 2010

I think that Alexa rankings are cool and I use the unobtrusive Alexa Sparky Firefox add-on as a quick and dirty input to my “is this website for real” formula. I don’t obsess over our blog’s ranking, although we’re not doing too badly.

What I love, however, is that our blog’s ranking is higher than that of Sarah Palin PAC’s website. I don’t know why, but that got such a smile out of me!

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2 responses

31 10 2010
Sam Adams

My, you’re easily amused, aren’t you? The difference between the SarahPAC website and this one is that this one didn’t raise 5 million dollars.

31 10 2010

Want to donate? 🙂

(And I think that there are other differences…)

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