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1 11 2010

Our guest post on mobile internet access has posted at Check it out!

My wife and I live in a 24 foot Tioga motorhome. We’ve been traveling for nearly eight months now, and the most recent two and a half months have been in the RV.

Unlike some RVers, neither of us are software developers, engineers, or analysts. We don’t need connectivity for work. We do, however, love our technology and would never be caught without internet access on the road.

Enter our Palm Pre Plus, whose Mobile Hotspot application enables wireless tethering for up to five computers at once, all sharing the Pre’s lightning-fast 3G service. We use Verizon as our provider and couldn’t be happier. I can’t count how many times we’ve been the only ones in an area who have service. Those Verizon “Can you hear me now?” commercials are legit.

A while back, we blogged about our stay in Fossil Falls. There, in the middle of nowhere in the Mojave Desert I clocked 3 Mb/s download speeds. It rocked. All in one day I was able to wake up, go for a hike, eat breakfast, jump online with broadband connectivity, and then sit out in a canyon reading a book, miles away from anyone. Not bad.

The Mobile Hotspot application couldn’t be simpler to use. Two quick taps and our wireless network is ready to go, complete with WPA2 encryption. The phone’s WiFi signal offers impressive range, but the best part is that Mobile Hotspot tethering is free. Yes, there’s a five gigabyte cap for tethered data usage, but unless you’re streaming movies or playing World of Warcraft, five gigs isn’t as little as you’d think…

More here. On a related note, Mount Everest has a new 3G base station that will reach Everest’s peak.

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2 11 2010

Well, thank God, when I get to the top of Mt. Everest, I can call all my friends! Is the Internet access from the Palm Pre Plus $30 or $60?

3 11 2010

I can’t believe I forgot to mention that it’s FREE with regular Verizon service!


3 11 2010

Well, sort of. The mobile hotspot feature is free with any regular data plan. (Data costs $30/month).

Though maybe I’m the only person that still doesn’t have internet/e-mail capabilities on my phone!

2 11 2010

Good to have that WPA2 encryption enabled. The Mojave is notorious for its WEP-cracking hackers hiding under the boulders. 🙂

I had a similar setup about 5 years ago through T-Mobile in the New Mexican desert when I was living “off-grid” for a while with my solar-powered laptop.$29.95/month for “unlimited” access at about 130kb/s. I remember feeling so dominant of, and yet dominated by nature simultaneously.

3 11 2010

I thought I heard a desert packet sniffer once, but it was actually just a tumbleweed.

Separately, 130kb/s is way fast for wireless data five years back!

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