New Orleans: Final Update

15 11 2010

I neglected to mention that the 1,300 women at the Lion of Judah conference spent Tuesday morning in New Orleans charter schools, reading to students as part of a literacy campaign.  Community service was touted as a big part of the week, but the lions spent only an hour and a half at the school and were not very well-prepared by the organizers for the project.  (We only received the directions for our classroom activities when we were seated on the bus, just minutes before we arrived.)  Several of the lions looked uncomfortable around the first-graders with runny noses and many of them spent much of the time taking photos with the children to document how much good they were doing.  It didn’t seem like a particularly effective visit and certain women treated the morning like a visit to the zoo, snapping pictures here and there, which was a bit distasteful.

On the other hand, the morning was a great success.  The lions got to visit a new place, see their dollars in action and feel good about the work that they were doing.  More importantly, each child received a new backpack full of books donated by the lions.  These are likely the first books that many of these children will own and get to bring home.  So in a sense, it was a win-win.

On a final note, the teacher of my kindergarten class was a recent Yale grad who introduced us to the “Yale Class of 2026”.  Her little bulldogs proceeded to welcome us with the Yale fight song.  It was pretty cute and I managed to snag a small piece of it (see here).  Enjoy!

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