Escape From The Cold

16 11 2010

It’s still fall, but winter has started to make itself known in Reno. Temperatures over the last week have been dipping into the 20s at night, and while we’re fine in the RV it’s cold outside!

The escape route:

  • November 17th – Fly to St. Louis for a friend’s wedding (at least it won’t be colder than Reno)
  • November 22nd – Get back to Reno, do a quick turnaround and head south-west
  • November 25th – Burbank for the US Open Swing Dance Championships
  • After that… probably San Diego

This San Diego climate chart was pretty convincing:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High 65° 66° 66° 68° 68° 71° 76° 77° 77° 74° 68° 66°
Avg. Low 48° 50° 52° 55° 58° 61° 65° 67° 65° 60° 54° 48°
Mean 57° 58° 60° 62° 64° 67° 71° 74° 71° 68° 62° 57°

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5 responses

16 11 2010

Yikes. 20’s at night? You guys are tougher than me. Anything lower than 40 for more than day or two, and I’m gone.

17 11 2010

Don’t forget that we’re fleeing 🙂

17 11 2010

Hey guys-
My wife and I are on a similar(ish) adventure to yours it sounds.
I saw your post on Tynan and then saw you might be heading to San Diego.
I’ve lived here practically my whole life and we are currently (as of Nov 1) living here full-time in our RV.
So just wanted to give you a shout to say hi and give you my contact information if you wanted the inside scoop on SD for when you’re here (it’s been sunny and 75 for a week straight now – it’s really nice here a LOT) We do get rain and chilly at times but NOTHING like Reno (obv).
Just thought I might be a good resource for you guys and be able to help out.
Enjoy your journeys!

17 11 2010

Thanks for writing – we’ll definitely be in touch. Looking forward to hearing / reading about your RVing and getting the scoop on San Diego.

17 11 2010

Ditto. It’s cool to connect with others out doing the same thing. We will enjoy following along on your blog.
Hit us up anytime and for sure if you make your way to SD.

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