Jacuzzi Talk, Bollywood Stars and Atlanta-Bound

17 11 2010

Tonight is our last real night in Reno.  We decided to live it up in a local hotel for the evening and went for a dip in the jacuzzi just a couple of hours ago.

First, an observation:  Jacuzzi culture is like no other.  It’s weird for strangers to talk to one another on the street, at a restaurant or even in an elevator.  But as soon as you share a jacuzzi, there are altered social norms and you can chat with people like you’ve known them for years.

Second, a funny story:  Tonight I was called a sugar mama for the first time.  When asked “what we do”, I mentioned Faces of Israel.  Yair then added that he is traveling with me, hiking and being supportive of my work with the film.  The guys in the jacuzzi exclaimed: “Oh, man!  You got yourself a sugar mama!” and spent the next few minutes talking about how lucky Yair was and how they wish they had sugar mamas, too.  Ha!

Third, a crazy story:  During college I was a founding member of Masti, a Bollywood hip hop fusion group at Hopkins that performed and competed at schools all over the East Coast.  I choreographed a few of the pieces and being part of the group was one of the highlights of my undergrad experience.  Most of the group members went on to grad school or corporate type jobs, myself included.  When Akshay (our team captain) graduated, he decided to move to India and try to make it big… and he did.  I give you Akshay Oberoi: rising movie star, male lead in the next soon-to-be-released Bollywood movie and a kid who I danced and partied with at Hopkins.  Crazy and awesome!  Check out the trailer here.

Lastly, for any of you with friends in the Atlanta area, Faces of Israel will be making its debut at Emory University this evening.  I will be in attendance, running the program and facilitating discussion.  The (free) event will be held in the Hillel building at 6:30 pm, and (free) Israeli food and refreshments will be served.  All are welcome!

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3 responses

17 11 2010

I can’t really think of any similar situations to that of the jacuzzi. Maybe people sitting together at a bar, but it’s not the same.

17 11 2010
The Wandering Cartographer

“But as soon as you share a jacuzzi, there are altered social norms and you can chat with people like you’ve known them for years.” LOL! I love this! The possibilities of this are amazing….imagine what could be accomplished in the political arena if leaders discussed pressing issues in jacuzzis!

25 11 2010

I’ve heard people say the same thing about “imagine what could be accomplished if politicians just shared a joint around the negotiation table”, though I guess that jacuzzi-ing it up is a cleaner version of the above. 🙂

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