Really Fun Facebook Verification

17 11 2010

A few days ago I logged into my Facebook account from New Orleans, raising a red flag in their system as the server detected that I was checking in from a new location.  In order to verify my identity, I was asked to either answer my security question or correctly identify tagged photos of friends.  I had a vague idea what the answer to my security question was, but thought that the latter sounded like more fun.

So I started to play the ‘verification game’ and it was a blast!  The site pulled up old photos of tagged friends and family (mostly family actually – Yair, Rachael, Jessie, Shira B.) that I hadn’t seen in a while and had me match the photos to the correct name from a multiple choice list.  After I correctly identified five or so people, it was satisfied and logged me in but I kind of wanted to keep going.  It was like the “Name That Tune” game on my old iPod, but better.

We’ll be traveling to St. Louis this week to celebrate the wedding of our friends, Len and Tanya.  I might just log into Facebook over the weekend in order to get to play the game again!

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17 11 2010

So honored to have made the fam category!

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