Charity, Drive-Throughs and Bucket Lists

21 11 2010

I don’t have a smart phone with a data plan or built-in Stickies.  This is a good thing considering that I often like to disconnect from technology.  (I try to get away with leaving my phone turned off as much as possible, especially for the first hour of the day… which could be early afternoon EST… or PST.)  But I always have thoughts pop into my mind that I later forget when I’m back at my computer.  Carrying a small pen and notepad might be the solution for this, even though I like to be as unencumbered as possible.  Here are four quick things that I’ve recently thought of, forgot and subsequently remembered that I have been wanting to share:

1.  Two Monday afternoons ago, I split a cab with a Lion of Judah from the New Orleans airport to the conference hotel.  On the ride there, the taxi driver requested that we pay cash since there is a charge associated with credit cards and it would take some time before he received the money, which he could really use.  On our way downtown, a white lady who looked like she was in her late 50s stood with a sign that read ‘Homeless’ and asked for money.  The driver promptly rolled down his window, handed the lady a dollar or two and kept driving.  The fact that this driver who clearly had concerns about his own finances could give charity and be color-blind while doing it (he was black, she was white) was incredibly moving.  It got me thinking a lot about charity and its role in my life.  More to come on this in a future post.

2. Last Saturday night, Yair and I decided to grab a bite to eat at a local fast food restaurant.  (Yair found a promotion that awarded us two free entrees.)  The dining area of the restaurant was closed, but the drive through was open 24 hours.  There wasn’t enough clearance for the RV to drive through the pick-up station, so… we decided to walk through the drive through.  This was probably one of the funniest and awkwardest things that we ever did as we “stood in line” with cars in front of us and behind of us, their drivers giving us strange looks.  After waiting our turn, we arrived at the order station but we couldn’t activate the weight-based sensors and so nobody came to take our order!  At first unsure what to do, we eventually walked over to the pick-up station and convinced the cashier to take our order and serve us not too much later.  But it was a funny, funny sight.

3.  Last Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed a potluck lunch and lively card game with friends in Reno.  On the drive home, our host’s son Royce expressed his interest in working for a few years, saving like crazy and then exploring mini-retirement (without using that specific term).  We moved on to discuss his bucket list, which included lots of things like learning foreign languages, visiting every state in the U.S., befriending royalty, doing a handstand on the North and South Poles, etc.  I thought that some of the things on his list were fun and that others were silly, but all that mattered was that these are the things that motivate and inspire him.  To me, the content of the list was less important than seeing his passion and hearing about his goals.  The way that he spoke about it was exciting, and excitement is contagious!  Does anybody out there have a bucket list?  If so, please share!

4.  While I loved my initial exposure to ballroom dance and the learning opportunity presented to me in Reno, ballroom just doesn’t inspire me.  Some of the dancing is quite beautiful, but among the things that I don’t enjoy are the many rules associated with the sport.  I understand why people like tradition and why rules are important in competitions, but – for example – it still bugged me that couples must be male-female (no same sex) with the male leading and the woman following in almost all tournaments.  Parenthetically, I think that San Francisco may be one of the few geographical exceptions to this rule.

Until I find the right-sized notepad, this “random things that I wanted to tell you but forgot” type of post may become a regular feature.  Enjoy!

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3 responses

30 11 2010

Boo on traditional dance pairings! If you’re craving something a bit less traditional, come on down to 13th street on December 10th for “my” Gender-Role Free Contra Dance birthday party!! 😉

9 12 2010

Sounds like fun. Happy almost birthday and hope you party the night away, dear!

9 12 2010

PS- Jealous that Ya got to see you!

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