Found By The Wandering Jew

29 11 2010

Ben Harris from The Wandering Jew blog at JTA wrote a piece about us. It came out today, and you can check out the entire post here.

…Turns out, they’re both east coasters. They married young, held serious jobs — he at Bear Stearns, she at Deloitte — but something jerked them off that track. Yair was reading blogs about mini-retirement and watching his boss see his dream of becoming a Navy Seal slip away. Ayo was looking warily at colleagues above her on the corporate ladder and wondering if that was what her future held in store.

“I didn’t want to end up that way,” Yair said.

So they quit. And hit the road.

Seven months ago, I had done something similar. But it had taken me until age 33 to figure out that the life of urban ambition was not for me. These two, both in their mid-20s, had figured it out much earlier….

Ben was a cool dude, and we enjoyed hanging out with him and hearing his story. It was interesting to see a two hour chat be boiled down to a few paragraphs. Certain things like Faces of Israel, hiking, and the financial side of things didn’t make the article, but we’re nevertheless happy with the piece.  Check out Ben’s blog here.

On an entirely different note, check out this photo I snapped at Walmart earlier today (click to see it full-size):

Confused? Me too.

Confused? Me too.

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