The US Open, Gymnastics, and Our Fresh Water Tank

30 11 2010

A brief update on what we’ve been up to:

  • Wednesday – Sunday: We were at the US Open Swing Dance Championships. Mostly West Coast Swing, but there was some wild Lindy Hop as well. Fun was had by all, and we have a sweet parking spot in Burbank. (Free tickets in exchange for us volunteering.)
The Dance Floor

The Dance Floor

  • Tuesday: Gymnastics and rock climbing. It was great to really push our bodies again, and I’ve taken a liking to climbing. The gym we were training at was pretty quiet, so the rock wall was ours and our adult gymnastics class was just the two of us. Oh, and Ayo was offered a job teaching dance. Trading dance classes for gymnastics and climbing is a possibility.
  • Fresh water tank: Ugh. We had a leak in our tank a while back, and while we thought we had it fixed, the leaking tank thought otherwise. Annoying, because if we were still in Reno our mechanic would just retouch the job.

The end. Oh, and a big surprise is in the works. At least for some people.

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5 responses

30 11 2010

Sounds like a fun week.
Bummer about the tank though. Good luck on getting it patched up 🙂

1 12 2010

Thanks. It hasn’t been such a big deal, but I’m definitely looking forward to it being fixed. Hope to schedule it for mid-month when it’ll fit best with our schedule.

1 12 2010

Aah! I hate when people say there is a big surprise coming! Now you made me curious… 🙂

2 12 2010

No babies, don’t worry!

4 12 2010

worry? I like babies… 😉

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