Photos: A Pledge

1 12 2010

Like most people, I like photographs.  I don’t always love seeing pictures of myself, but it’s nice to have them as a keepsake and they are a great way to keep memories of loved ones and treasured experiences alive.  However, in order to have a picture, someone needs to take it and I’m not a big fan of putting life on hold in order to snap a photo and create artificial memories.  This ‘living over documenting’ attitude combined with my desire to carry as little as possible (my phone doesn’t have a good built-in camera) means that I don’t take photos very often.  I have recently started getting flack from blog-readers (mostly close friends and family) for rarely including pictures in my posts.

The nudging has paid off and I present to you my photo pledge: at least one photograph per week.  I’m going to start out small and then – if it’s not as painful as I think – build from there.  But for now one picture a week seems a reasonable enough goal to commit to.  So thank you for the push and hopefully I will be able to visually share a glimpse of my adventures with you going forward!  🙂

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