How We Know That We’re Semi-Retired

2 12 2010
Thirteen off-the-cuff reasons:
  1. …no commute.
  2. …no more Outlook calendars and meetings!
  3. …stopped caring about snail mail.
  4. …longer and more relaxing meals.
  5. …often having no idea what day of the week it is.
  6. …staying up late doesn’t matter because you can sleep in.
  7. …making it to the $10 all you can eat sushi happy hour from 3-5 pm on weekdays.
  8. …picking up fresh fruits and vegetables a few times a week because we have time to do so.
  9. …getting to see each other during the morning and afternoon, and not just at the end of a long and exhausting work day.
  10. …being offered jobs in Reno and turning them down.  Hoping to not go back to the working world for a while.
  11. …mid-week hikes, hotel stays and adventures are the norm.  What makes weekends special is that everyone else is free to hang out.
  12. …LinkedIn seeming more fun than practical.  Recent job descriptions that I’ve thought up for Yair:  Bug Doctor and Butterfly Surgeon (after a successful stint saving small creatures from a swimming pool in Costa Rica this summer).
  13. …and finally, Yair used to refrain from walking down Johnson Ave in a t-shirt lest a professional/political contact see him in casual clothes and get the ‘wrong impression’.  I can count the number of non t-shirt days in the past five months on one hand.

Ah, times have changed.

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