Flying Solo

5 12 2010

As you know, Yair hopped a plane to New York this week to surprise his family, making me a solo agent for the first time in over five years.  Of course Yair and I have spent time apart, but I have generally been the one traveling somewhere and with a purpose, whether running a Faces of Israel program or leading a teen trip.

It was very odd waking up on Thursday morning, having the RV all to myself and without a playmate to plan my day with.  On top of that, we’re still pretty new to Burbank so I am largely without a community and nearby group of friends.  Unlike Yair, I thrive on structure and the question of what to do with an entire week solo was daunting.

On Thursday, I ate a little extra, slept a little extra, went for a walk and then finally started calling volunteer places to see how I could use my time for good.  I had about sixty Faces e-mails that required responding, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend all day in front of the computer on a sunny afternoon with a high of 75.  Even if it was a frigid day, I still didn’t want to spend hours in front of a screen.  I made weekend plans to spend Shabbat and celebrate Chanukah with a few friends in the local Jewish community and then go back to three or four solo weekdays next week before Yair returns.

I still haven’t fully adjusted to flying solo and am not entirely sure what to do with myself, but it has been an interesting experiment in independent living and one that might be worthwhile for other couples to try, if only one time a year.

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