What Do I Do All Day?

6 12 2010

Retirees face this question all the time, and if you retire early for no reason other than to ‘retire early’, you’ll quickly realize that the question comes up pretty quickly – both in your head and in others’.

I’ve kept crib notes on what I have been up to over the last couple of days. Here are twenty of the non “I just turned on the light” variety:

  1. Read a book (the whole thing, because I liked it and had the time), started a new one
  2. Exercised at a local park
  3. Packed for a hiking trip
  4. Practiced map & compass use, PCT method of bear bag hanging
  5. Two 12-mile bike rides
  6. Watched ’24’
  7. Wrote a few postcards
  8. Went through my GReader
  9. Gave a Hebrew lesson
  10. Cooked myself three meals, including grilling dinner outdoors over a wood fire
  11. Wrote a few blog posts
  12. Had a few friends over at the RV
  13. Listened to Radiolab, the best podcast in the world
  14. Put some more air in our passenger-side outside rear tire (An annoying project. It’s as if the desigers thought, “Hey, let’s mess with these people. Where is the most awkward, hard-to-reach place we can put the valve stem? No, no… that’s not good enough. Yes! There! That’s it! No one will ever reach it now! Not even with a dual-head air chuck! Muahahahaha!”)
  15. Watched some video from the Chicago Booth 2010 Management Conference
  16. Played some guitar
  17. Called a few friends
  18. Watched a TED Talk about sleep, decided to try going without artificial light for a period of time
  19. Bought fresh fruits and vegetables
  20. Played ping pong with a friend

There you have it. I get a lot of “Aren’t you bored?” type questions. Well, no – I’m not.

*Written a little while ago, but my days are still packed.

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