New York City

8 12 2010

The entire time that we have been in the RV – over four months – I have not heard a single car honk its horn. It took less than a minute after I exited JFK airport before I heard four drivers at an intersection leaning on their horns. What a great welcome back!

My parents were very happily surprised to see me, and being around for a family Chanukah party was nice as well. Monday and Tuesday were my busier days. Monday’s highlight – aside from seeing Amy’s grandmother – was a (free) luxury dinner cruise with Bateaux New York. The glass boat provided lovely nighttime views of New York’s lights, and I was adopted by a group from Kansas City who assured me that they would show us a good time if we come visit.

A View From The Boat

A View From The Boat

The Crew From Kansas City

The Crew From Kansas City

On Tuesday I saw the city from above, taking a (free – thanks, Expedia!) helicopter tour of New York. The views were great, and the heliport was conveniently located right behind my old office. Before and after the tour I spent some time getting together with old colleagues. I got the impression that people at first didn’t believe that I was only in town to say hello. It took them seeing me in jeans and a long sleeve non- button-down shirt for it to sink in that I wasn’t job hunting. I heard “You look… relaxed” multiple times over the course of the afternoon, and had some wonderful conversations, including one with a friend who is thinking of taking some time off to travel. I hope I provided some encouragement.  On my way back to sunny LA right now!

Looking Downtown

Looking Downtown

The Financial District (You Can See My Old Office!)

The Financial District (You Can See My Old Office!)

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