Free Flowers for James

14 12 2010

I drove by a flower shop yesterday with the following sign:  “If your name is James, come in for a free flower!”  I thought of three possible explanations:

1.  Romantic intrigue – The girl at the flowershop met this incredible guy named James but neglected to get his phone number.  She is hoping that fate will provide for a romantic reunion.

2.  Owner narcissism – The owner of the shop’s name is James.  He thinks that he totally rocks and wants to make nice to other Jameses.

3.  Clever marketing – The shop changes the name on the sign each day in hopes of bringing new people in for flower orders.

What do your imaginations cook up?

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14 12 2010

There is a flower shop that I know of in Layton, UT that puts a different name up every day to attract customers. It just gets a little creepy when someone that likes you that you don’t like romantically gets you a flower. But its a great idea that I have seen before. Not sure what motives the store you saw were, though.

14 12 2010

I love option #1!!

14 12 2010

it’s like a real life modern twist on cinderella 🙂

20 12 2010

I think I’d argue that James’ significant other set up it. Like, they were planning on walking this way and (s)he wanted to surprise him. It’s an adorable story, in my head.

20 12 2010

I love your creativity, guys. Thanks for the suggestions! 🙂

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