Why Fuses Are Wonderful

15 12 2010

I wrote a whole lovely post about why fuses are fantastic, only to accidentally delete it. Oh, well. Instead of rewriting, I’ll quickly summarize:

  1. I was playing with our electrical system and got to a point where I was pretty sure that I had short-circuited our solar charge controller, a lovely piece of $150 technology. Crap.
  2. But aha! We actually followed good electrical practices when we installed the controller. There was a fuse at the battery! I went to check it out and… sweet, I only blew the fuse!

Moral of the story: follow the rules when it comes to electrical. It’ll save you cash in the long run. (Fuse: 50 cents. Controller: around 300 times more expensive.)

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16 12 2010

Been there, done that…..

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