RV Handiwork: Replacing Overcab Curtain Rail

21 12 2010

Since we purchased the RV there have been a few things that we’ve wanted to fix or add. On the “fix” list was a broken rail on the overcab window curtain. The plastic rail had snapped at one of the screw points and jury rigging the curtain every night was a bit of a pain.

The Broken Rail (Window Treatment Removed)

The Broken Rail (Window Treatment Removed)

A few weeks ago I picked up an 8′ curtain rail. It had been laying on the floor of the RV for a week or two when the time to install it arrived. Installing the rail meant sizing the new rail, removing the old rail, rail ends and curtain, putting up the new rail, and threading the curtain onto the new rail.

One of the fun things about these kinds of projects is that they rarely go perfectly according to plan. What usually ends up happening is that the plan is moving along just fine, and then you hit a roadblock. Sometimes it’s a stupid thing that has an obvious workaround, and other times it’s something that takes a bunch of thinking to surmount.

With the curtain rail, we quickly realized that the window treatment over the curtain would need to be removed to give us head-on access to the rail screws. Done.

Removed Window Treatment

Removed Window Treatment

With Ayo’s (huge) help, that was a breeze, as was sizing, cutting, and replacing the rail. Good as new! And as long as we  were up there with the drill, we installed a blackout curtain for the roof vent over our bed. We sleep impressively late, and the sun shining through the vent can be annoying in the morning. Problem solved.



Vent Blackout Curtain

Vent Blackout Curtain

Side note: We dumped yesterday, which as usual was a clean and quick task (sorry, Bree & Mike). While hanging out by the pad waiting for the tanks to empty I did some quick mental math. Thirty gallons of grey water and thirty gallons of black water… water is a bit over 8 lbs / gallon… add some poop to make it conservatively 8.5 lbs / gallon… skim off five gallons because our tanks were not totally full… AND we dumped somewhere in the vicinity of 470 pounds of ‘stuff’ into some magic tank in the ground. Kind of makes me want to dump more frequently for better fuel efficiency.

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