Our Obsession With The Weather

25 12 2010

The Spartan Student is a blog written by Ken, a Duke University masters student who – in an attempt to graduate Duke debt-free – was a vandweller for most of his time in school. He’s spent time living in the Arctic and went through three North Carolina winters in his Ford Econoline. Ken is certainly qualified to write about the cold. And he did. Quite well.

The timing of Ken’s post with California’s recent deluge got me thinking about our strange obsession with the weather, given that “Never before in our species’ history have we been so cut off from the weather as we are today. Yet it seems like we’re in a state of denial—still expressing excitement and exasperation over harsh weather that, at the very most, will force us to get up and turn a dial on our thermostats.”

Check out Ken’s post titled 16˚ here.

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