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31 12 2010

When we started blogging earlier this year Ayo and I were both 24, having recently left our corporate jobs to do things that we were much more excited about. We subtitled our blog “Escaping the 9 to 5 Before 25” and – now that both of our 25th birthdays have recently passed – we can say that over the last ten months we have never once regretted our decision.

People frequently ask what’s next for us. Recently, Ayo and I have been talking in general terms about our plans for the next few years. We think that kids will be in the picture at some point down the road, but that children are at least a few years away. (Yeah, yeah. Biological clock. We know.)

Yair and I understand that “life as we know it” doesn’t end with the arrival of children, but the focus of life does drastically change.  Just like a man will have a bachelor party to celebrate his freedom and independence before getting hitched, Yair and I are celebrating our current independence from parenthood.  For this reason, we’ve made the concrete decision to continue doing whatever we want at least until we have kids, which means at minimum another few years on this path. After that, I doubt that we’ll fall back on conventional “doctor / lawyer / financier / consultant” careers. We may even just keep up what we’re doing if the finance gods continue to be nice to us, though rumors are that diapers are damn pricy so perhaps we’ll pick up odd jobs here and there or start a business.

As for RVing, when we first got our house on wheels we agreed that we would try it out for six months and sell the RV at the end of the trial if we weren’t liking it. Well, it’s been five months and there is no end in sight. It would be pretty weird to switch to a house that we couldn’t drive, and we think that we’ll keep up the RVing thing for at least another year.

I (Yair) am still interested in seeing small-town USA and our country’s vast and by-no-means-homogeneous public lands. I want to experience the tens of thousands of RVers who converge each winter on Quartzsite and I want to see The Slabs. I want to spend more time in the desert and I want to see the canyons, craters, mountains and forests that are all over the Unites States.  Ayo is up for all of these things, but likes taking travel at a slower pace – spending two months or so in each location to get a stronger feel for the people we meet and get involved in the local community in some capacity.  We’ll likely be alternating between these two styles of travel.

There’s a lot more to see and do, and I’m thankful that we have the opportunity to do it all. And remember, we planned this escape for less than five years and worked our corporate jobs for only two years each. It’s not something that’s out of reach for many people. If there are things other than work that you would rather be doing, it’s time to start planning today. Set a date, focus on paying down any debt you have, lower your expenses, and save like you’ve never saved before. Sure, it’s more complicated with debt and kids, but we know people who are living the lives that they want, and they all started from different situations.

If you’ve got your personal finances under control, don’t write off an unconventional lifestyle. And if money management isn’t your thing, there are innumerable resources out there to get you started. Lots of people start their diets “tomorrow”. Start today.

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31 12 2010

Good insights Yair. I like what you said at the end of this post about starting today instead of “tomorrow”. People (myself included) definitely get caught in the procrastination rut. I’ve found it’s important at some point to just set a date and get started on whatever it is you want to do for better or worse, and it almost always ends up better.

However, it’s the change in life that is ultimately the hardest to confront. What you guys, and me to a certain extent, are doing is definitely not considered “normal”, and it can be hard to get started. The big thing is just to start and see where it goes.

Good luck in 2011!

4 01 2011
Freely Living Life

Excellent post!

RVing CAN be done with children…*wink wink*. You don’t give up the lifestyle and journey once a baby comes into the picture, you simply embrace it and make the necessary changes to adjust to the addition. A “change of focus” is exactly what it is when you have children. Well put. Very glad to hear that you are celebrating your current independence from parenthood. That’s extremely important and often times something that a couple doesn’t do prior to the little ones coming along. =0)

Happy 2011 to the both of you!


8 01 2011


The other thing that I have found is that once you do something unconventional and realize that the Earth didn’t open up and swallow you, it opens up a lot of doors to further unconventional paths that may have previously seemed totally unreasonable.


So good to hear from you! I remember reading about some RVers in a Class C (it wasn’t you, was it?) who converted their wardrobe into a crib by removing the clothing and doors, and installing a lattice guardrail on the outside. I’m not averse to the idea of RVing / living weirdly with children, especially considering all of the homeschoolers that we’ve met out here.

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