House (The Game, Not the Show)

3 01 2011

Today at gymnastics winter camp, I coached the eight year old girls. After taking the girls to the beams, trampoline, tumble track and pit, I gave the group twenty minutes for free play.

I assumed that the girls would create an obstacle course, compete in races or maybe sit and have girl talk. What I didn’t expect was that they would begin to play house and have a huge argument over who would get to be the baby.  After all they’re eight years old and aren’t they a little beyond playing house?

After seeing them argue a bit more and finally settle into their make-believe roles, I realized that – in life – we all kind of want to be that baby.  The baby receives all the attention.  Everyone takes care of the baby.  And any mistakes that the baby makes are not really his / her own.  So if someone is in a grumpy mood, maybe they’re just channeling their inner, baby selves and are a bit starved for affection or attention.  Kiss a friend, hug a neighbor!

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