Triple Decker RV

3 01 2011

Earlier this week Ayo made a startling realization: Our 24′ RV has three floors!

Floor #1 contains the couch, dinette, kitchen, bathroom, and truck cab.

Floor #2 houses the overcab bed where we usually sleep.

Floor #3 is… the roof. Seriously.

Ayo came out of gymnastics on Thursday, and before opening the door to the RV, called out that she was coming in. I responded from my comfy spot on the roof, “Okay, but I’m up here.”

Ever since I spent some time on the roof installing our solar panels and laying down Dicor, I’ve wanted to use the roof as a place to hang out. After getting a few opinions on whether the roof could handle being used as a place to sit and relax, I took the plunge and brought a book up there.

Why didn’t I start doing this sooner?!

Reading up on the roof is so pleasant. The view is very different from 11 feet up, and there are some surprisingly comfortable and ergonomically friendly places to chill up top. There’s even room to lay down on a sunny day, although the sloped roof makes that a bit more hairy. Maybe guardrails are the next roof project?

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One response

3 01 2011

Velcro strips. Velcroed futon mattress. Of course. Of course.

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