A Day At The Doctor, And Other Tidbits

14 01 2011

Ayo talks to me all the time about how crucial it is for her knees to work well. She is very active and some of her favorite activities are high-impact, so when her knees started bothering her recently we decided to visit an orthopedist to play it on the safe side.

True to herself, Ayo was practicing her bridges and handstands in the orthopedist’s office until I suggested that she stop lest she inflame something before seeing the doctor.

Ayo Having Too Much Fun at the Doctor's Office

Ayo Having Too Much Fun at the Doctor's Office

The physician was very personable and took his time with Ayo. The good news is that he doesn’t think that it’s anything serious. She needs to be a bit friendlier to her joints, take an occasional anti-inflammatory, and is trying out a knee brace for use during exercise. We also got some awesome x-rays out of the visit, and played with some of the toys in the office (e.g. what Ayo calls the “banger-reflex” tool) while waiting for the doctor to return.

X-Rays: Ayo's Spine and Knee Caps

X-Rays: Ayo's Spine and Knee Caps

Last night we brought our friend Lucas to an adult gymnastics class, and aside from him being a natural and the three of us having a fun time, Ayo’s knees felt fine afterwards! We’ll do some mostly unscientific experiments to figure out if it was luck, Advil, or the knee brace, but something worked!

In other news:

  1. Our RV smoke detector has proven itself to be very effective as a cooking detector. Maybe I need to start using the hood fan a bit more aggressively.
  2. A mystery person at the gym left a 12-pack of Diet Pepsi on our doorstep. Cool!

    Surprise Delivery to the RV!

    Surprise Delivery to the RV!

  3. An indication that I may have too much time on my hands:  Earlier this week, I bought one of my favorite foods at the supermarket – fish sticks.  Fellow fish stick aficionados know that they come in boxes of 44 sticks.  My box, however, contained 46 fish sticks so I decided to write to the company and let them know.  In appreciation, customer care provided me with a coupon for a free new box.  Sweet!

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2 responses

15 01 2011

I do like a good fish stick every now and again. As long as they are accompanied with some ore ida(TM) crinkle fries.

17 01 2011

My knees bother me occasionally and I also worry about them, so I definitely symphathize. That picture of Ayo in the doctor’s office is hysterical! I don’t think she has a problem!

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