Dear Burning Man 2011: We’ve Got Tickets To You

24 01 2011

But the process was nerve wracking!

Tickets were supposed to go on sale at 10:00am PST this past Wednesday. It was supposed to be simple: I’d hop in line the second sales started, would buy our tickets, and would then jump around happy.

Step one: Hop in line the second sales start. Check! I was in line at 10am, although a couple thousand other people had the same idea and clicked a gajillionth of a second before me. I was #2,812 in line and I would be able to buy one of the 9,000 first-round tickets, which were the cheapest tier at $210 a pop. Sweet. (There are discounted and scholarship tickets available as well, but we didn’t feel like we qualified for or needed them. At the same time, we’re trying to keep our expenses down so getting tickets early was a goal.)

Step two: Buy our tickets. The “number of people ahead of you” counter kept getting lower, which made me happy. Then, without any warning, a big 404 error! NO! I quickly hopped over to twitter to follow the conversation there, and everyone else was having the same problem. Burning Man tech people knew about the issue and were working their butts off to fix it, but the big unknown was whether their freezing and resetting of the queue would reset everyone’s place in line. Nearly two hours later, we finally had our tickets, but not before a lot of people left their place in line because of bad information or not being able to stay by their computer for up to eight hours. Oy.

Step three: Jump around happy. I didn’t exactly do that, but I was certainly happy. And $440 lighter.

Burning Man’s 2011 theme is Rites of Passage. I think I just went through my first one.

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24 01 2011
Stumpy and Cyndi

In spite of the nerve wracking process, congratulations! I know a couple of people that were out of their minds, too, during that process! You all made it through, basically unscathed… But already, Burning Man has changed you forever!

24 01 2011
Frugal Vegan Mom

Wow, congrats on getting to the happy part!

We considered renting an RV and driving with friends one year, but after I read about the reality of the conditions I decided it was too hardcore for me. I don’t do rustic, especially with a probable hangover/strange drug experience. Plus it’s a shit ton of money.

But can’t wait to hear your stories!

26 01 2011

All I can say is that it’s an experience unlike any other and I’m working on getting my mom to come. (I’m certainly not allowed to say how old she is, but my parents do have a 43 year old son.) If Burning Man is something that you’re on the fence about, I encourage you to go for it and doubt that you would regret it. We met people of all ages on the playa, all of whom had a great time and who experienced Burning Man in ways that worked for them.

25 01 2011

I love your blog headline, and I hope to see you both there on the playa! I’m attending for the third time this year and agree heartily with you that this was one of the first rites of passage for me in 2011.

Cheers, jeers, and fears,
Drew (fearless on the playa)

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