Tire Trouble!

24 01 2011

Boom! Thwackthwackthwackthwackthwack.

…In the middle of I-405 South, going about 60 miles per hour. We needed to slow down and cross over four lanes of traffic – and quickly. Fortunately, a semi traveling behind us noticed the tread flying off of our tire and blocked two lanes at a time as we made out way over. Dear Truck Driver: thank you.

Which One Looks Weird?

Which One Looks Weird?

We still haven’t tested CoachNet’s Emergency Messenger Service, but now we’ve tested their roadside assistance. And they’re good. While it’s nice to have your house with you if you’re stuck on the side of a road, it’s nicer to not be stuck on the side of a road.

CoachNet had a roadside RV tire specialist to us in under an hour, and they had checked all of our tires and mounted our spare tire shortly thereafter. It turned out that the flapping tread from the tire had severed our fuel fill line and air vent lines, so it was pretty convenient that we were on our way to the mechanic when all this happened. (The fresh water saga should be over this coming week, we hope.) Tire stuff happens, so the only annoying part of the experience was highway patrol coming by – after we called them to let them know that we were safely pulled over, but stopped – and making us drive a couple of miles off of the highway to a Denny’s parking lot. It was probably a bunch safer and was definitely an easier place for the tire guys to work, but hearing the tread smack the wheel well on every rotation… sigh.

I Don't Think It's Supposed To Do That

I Don't Think It's Supposed To Do That

All is now well. We replaced the spare a few days ago and are enjoying LA’s perfect weather.

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3 responses

24 01 2011
Froggi Donna

So glad you had a good spare and that it was one of the dual tires. We had a blow-out on the trailer due to a frozen bearing. NOT fun…. we have a tire monitoring system that let us know immediately that something was wrong. http://www.pressureprosystem.com/

25 01 2011
Stumpy and Cyndi

Glad to hear all is well! Gotta love them truckers!

26 01 2011

@froggi donna

We thought about getting a tire pressure monitoring system, but decided against it. This tire incident has caused me to rethink our decision.

@Stumpy and Cyndi

Definitely. I’ve found that most truckers are friendly, courteous and helpful on the road.

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