A New Laptop

25 01 2011

I used to write these posts on an early-2008 MacBook Pro. It was a workhorse, but the battery life on it always disappointed me, even after purchasing a new battery. When we were in our apartment or connected to the grid in Reno it wasn’t a big deal, but it started to bug me in the RV once the rain defeated our solar + inverter setup. Two hours battery life – max – sucks.

Opening The Box

Opening The Box

The poor battery life frustrated me enough that we decided that a new laptop was in store. So, a couple of weeks ago a happy guy bought my laptop and I replaced it with a new sweet 13″ MacBook Air, whose ridiculously long battery life and super light weight will hopefully keep me smiling for a long time. I like the computer on its own, but an unexpected side effect of its slim profile is that it’s an attention getter. I hadn’t Starbucksed in a while, but I hung out there for a few hours last week and got questions from a few people experiencing laptop-envy.

The New Machine

The New Machine

I love it. (The computer.)

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3 responses

25 01 2011

Congrats! I hear they’re awesome. Consider me one of those people with laptop-envy 🙂

25 01 2011
Froggi Donna

WOW!! We currently have two laptops. Next one that dies gets replaced with an iPad (or some equivalent at the time). I get the remaining laptop. When that dies, I’m getting a Mac for sure!!

26 01 2011


I’m still in love with it. What kind of machine do you use?

@Froggi Donna

I converted to Apple my first year in college and haven’t turned back. Once you make the switch I’d bet that you have the same experience.

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