What Do You Call Three Fulltimers Geocaching?

7 02 2011

Awesome, obviously.

Or geeks, as Glenn from To Simplify proposed.

Glenn With The Cache, Yair With The GPS

Glenn With The Cache, Yair With The GPS, Photo By Ayo, Camera Loan By Glenn

In anticipation of at least one month apart*, Arvie and the Chinook met up a couple of weeks ago for a final hurrah. As an inevitable side effect to the RV play-date, we got to spend a few hours with Glenn, who continues to be a cool dude. This meeting had purpose, however, and there would be no milling around chattering about RVs and music. This time we had met up for class: Geocaching 101.

We found a couple of reasonably well-hidden caches around Sherman Oaks while sharing our very limited knowledge of Armenian culture and talking RV. As usual, Ayo found both caches before either of us, but Geocaching-Newbie Glenn found each of them independently as well.

In other news, our investigative reporting finds that South Dakota vehicle registrations have been slow of late. Glenn got his SD plates two months before we got ours, but our license plates are identical with the exception of the final two numbers, which are forty-something digits apart. That’s only 40+ registrations in about 60 days – for an entire state!

*Aside from Glenn taking off on the road, Arvie is living in storage for February.




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