Israel National Trail Next March?

23 02 2011

Hiking around Israel is great fun. The terrain varies so much over such short distances that you can easily hike through what looks like the deserts of southern Utah and the forests of California in the same day, stopping in Tel Aviv for a snack in between.

The Israel National Trail runs 580 miles from the city of Dan near Israel’s northern border to the country’s southern tip in Eilat. I’ve hiked small segments of the trail and have toyed a few times with the idea of hiking the trail’s full length.

A couple of days ago I was joking around with Ayo about doing the hike and I put together a month-by-month schedule for the next year and a half, just so I could schedule in two months for Shvil Yisrael in March and April 2012. Ayo wouldn’t be interested in joining me for the entire trip, so I thought that she could do something fun in Israel and meet up with me on weekends. Alternately, we could recruit some friends to join for part of the trek, as Ayo much prefers trekking in a group. So much for not planning šŸ™‚

We’ll see what happens, although I’m thinking that I’ll give the trail a go.

We’re heading south to Eilat today, busing down to 80-degree weather with two Birthright trip participants. I planned a desert hike on the way: we’ll be alighting for a few hours to explore Lower Og Canyon near Almog. Continuing with the hiking theme, I found a few fantastic-looking day hikes in the Eilat Mountains. This southward push is looking to be a good move.

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23 02 2011

Oh man… I’ve always (sort of theoretically at least) wanted to do shvil yisrael. It really started when I was a kid and my family hiked what was part of the Appalachian trail and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world and totally wanted to do it… but then when I discovered shvil yisrael it seemed a bit more of a realistic option. The only issue is I don’t actually really enjoy the hiking and camping out life so I don’t think I would actually enjoy hiking it as much as I just theoretically wish I would… it just seems like a cool thing to do – and I enjoy the hiking part.

3 03 2011
INT Wife

My hubby is on the trail, but we have not heard from him since early Sunday in the am on Feb 27th. If you see a man hiking alone, it is probably him. Please let me know if you see him. I wish all of us could have went with him.:(

3 03 2011

@INT Wife

Did you expect to hear from him, or are you just looking forward to the next call?

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