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26 02 2011

Many people resign themselves to lives that they are not happy with.  Some lack drive, while others find themselves on a path that just isn’t right for them. Some feel lost, while others feel like they are stuck in a rut.

Over the Birthright trip and prior to it, I found myself in conversations with new acquaintances and old friends about their direction in life and their overall level of happiness. People have often asked for my advice about a number of things, usually relating to “I wish I was doing X but don’t know how to change things” or “I don’t know what I want, but it’s not this.” I tend to have a two-part response. First, I listen a lot.  Then, in a combination of being a friend with advice and being a consultant-type person with an action plan, we sit and figure out what if anything they can change to make things better and get them moving in the “right” direction.

I’ve always been informally doing this (lending an ear along with a push), and it feels great to help people find their place.  I enjoy it and think that I do a decent job.

Some people call this life coaching, but I shy away from that title because it sounds SO pretentious.  Whenever someone introduces themselves as a life coach, I try to stop myself from judging them but can’t help but think: “Seriously?  Okay…  What makes you qualified to give other people life advice?  Who are you, anyway?” To me, calling oneself a life coach implies that “my life is together and yours is not, but I can help”.

I’m not making any professional decisions and don’t know if i’d enjoy “life coaching” as much if I were being paid for it, but helping people by giving them concrete advice and coaching them toward happiness sounds like a natural fit for me.  If only we came up with a better name…

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26 02 2011

How about life assistant coach? life mascot? life towel boy?

Okay, I’m done now.

28 03 2011

Life towel boy… now, that has potential.

And so do you! For only two grass-fed beef dinners, you too can receive personalized advice on how to find the towel of your dreams.

Okay, maybe I’m not cut out for this. Excited to see you soon. xo

26 02 2011

I’ve recently been thinking about this because there is a local fine artist who does very good at marketing. He’s not a master painter but he is making progress. He has a coach and pursues all that success literature. I would hire or barter for some coaching. I think anyone whose of sound mind can do it. We really just need to verbalize and plan. Implementation is complicated and confusing. Taking ideas and externalizing them can be done with almost anyone and quickly narrows the myriad of choices. Problem is people are busy with their own lives. It’s important if you have experience in the direction people want to go towards. My plans? Fine Artist, Motion Graphics for TV & Film in a class B or C. Do you have any experience marketing Fine Art, Photography, scheduling shows, film or TV production?

28 03 2011

Hi Michael! No, I’m afraid that I am probably not your expert for fine art, photography or film production. But I do agree that a lot of life coaching (and a lot of psychology for that matter) is having a reasonably rational and positive person listen to you think through your own thoughts and help you reach your conclusions. Of course having a background in the field is a huge plus. Good luck!

27 02 2011

You could make a contest to choose a name…:)

28 03 2011

What an idea! Someone could even… win a pot. 🙂

27 02 2011

I can relate to what you write in the first two paragraphs. I do lack drive, and am following a path I never intended. However, I am now at a stage in life (mid-50s) where that path is a means to an end, which is to one day live full-time with my wife in an RV.

I’d like to pursue that path today, and if it were just my wife and me, I think we could do it. Unfortunately, we have an autistic son whose future we also have to take into consideration and plan for. He, as much as anything, is what keeps me from moving in the “right” direction.

I’m not sure what push you might give someone in my situation, but I also know I do not have all the answers, so I am open to suggestions.

28 03 2011


Thanks for opening up to me and sharing your story. I don’t know enough about your family situation to offer significant advice, particularly since autism is such a tremendous spectrum and where your son falls on that spectrum and his level of functioning in traditional society certainly plays a huge impact on your day to day. Some questions to think about:

Would your son be joining you on this adventure? What are his needs (financial & emotional) and would you be able to provide for them?

Do you view full-time RVing as a retirement? In other words, do you need to save enough funds for life prior to RVing or would you consider getting odd jobs on the road or working later on?

What would you like to do once you are full-timing? Narrowing down your interests and goals will help give you an idea of when and how you can set about achieving them.

Clearly I do not have all the answers either, but hopefully thinking about the questions above will bring you a bit closer to whatever “the answers” are. Good luck to you!


3 03 2011
INT Wife

Oh my. You all are already back home. Thanks for sharing your pics and stories of Eilat1

7 03 2011

This is an acknowledgment that I totally owe you guys replies. I’ve been in whirlwind mode since getting back from Israel and have barely caught up on any Faces of Israel stuff, let alone blog and other stuff. I definitely haven’t forgotten about you! Replies to come at a later point.

18 12 2012
Andy Holcomb

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