An Unlikely Meeting At The Airport

1 03 2011

So, Shvil Yisrael. The Israel National Trail. If you’ve read any of my last couple of posts you know that I’m hoping to tackle the trail in early 2012 and you are probably tired of hearing about it. As you may recall, I spent this past Sunday researching the trail and its oddities. The site is written by Shay Rabineau, who hiked much of the trail with his brother and another friend in 2006. That site was one of the many that I explored on Sunday, along with reading the full archives of Shay’s trail blog.

Fast forward to late Monday night. There’s this good-looking couple with their infant, waiting in line to get through security at Ben-Gurion Airport. We noticed them because the woman started taking her shoes off before the x-ray machine and was stopped and told that it was unnecessary. Apparently the Israelis figured out that having people take their shoes off doesn’t do much for added security.

Ten minutes later, we’re standing next to said family in a very-much-not-moving passport control line. Conversation begins, and they ask what we were up to in Israel. Maybe because we both had small backpacks as our main luggage, the guy asked if we had been hiking the Israel National Trail. He mentioned that he had done the whole trail in two segments in 2006 and 2008. Now this is already a big “whoah” moment, because the INT isn’t something well-known outside of Israel, and this family was clearly not Israeli. It gets weirder.

A bit surprised, I explain that while we weren’t in Israel to hike the trail, I plan to hike it in a year. The guy suggests as a resource… and says that it’s a site his brother created. Light bulb on. I’m talking to Shay’s brother, Chase! I already knew everything about two months of this guy’s life from reading Shay’s blog. We talk about a trail databook translation project that Shay is working on, and I keep mentally coming back to “Did this really just happen?”

Yair With Chase Rabineau & Family

Yair With Chase Rabineau & Family

Our new friends are religious Christians and don’t believe in coincidence. I’d like to think that I don’t either, but I’m pretty certain that I do. Either way, this was one awesome chance encounter, and I’m not sure if it’ll make the email I’d already planned on sending to Shay weirder or cooler.

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2 03 2011

I really feel bad about this…. I have wanted to go back and read your blog from the begining, and I have been so busy I haven’t been able to, but I promise this is my goal. The posts I have read are so interesting. Keep up the great work, and soon I will be checking in on you more often.

2 03 2011

Definitely cooler. Thanks for another great story.

3 03 2011
rach g.

I’m confused.

Shay Rabineau’s brother, who hiked Shvil Israel, is a religious Christian?

Granted Chase is a neutral name, but with a brother named Shay and hiking an Israeli trail, I would have assumed Jewish…

3 03 2011

“Shay” is pronounced like the old stadium, not like the English word “shy”

They’re both religious Christians. Here’s a quote from Shay’s journal:

My Father, please remind me of what this is all about! Make me a voice crying out in the wilderness; help me to raise up a highway, to level the mountains and fill in the valleys. I need You, Jesus; I need You, Jesus; I need You, Jesus.

3 03 2011
INT Wife

Wow. My hubby flew in Feb 21st. That’s too bad he missed you all.

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