Looking Forward To Being Back At The RV

4 03 2011

Traveling out of a backpack has been an interesting experience in contrast to traveling in the RV. No matter how nice our hotels are, the process of packing, unpacking, and settling in to new living quarters every few days takes a toll.

A huge benefit of traveling by RV is that you are always home. There is never any packing and unpacking, there are no bags to lug around, and there are no hotel expenses to pay. You can never leave anything behind. And when you close the blinds at night, you are always somewhere familiar in the anywhere that you could have parked. Whether you’re in a desert, forest, national park, small town, or major city you are in your own place – something I didn’t appreciate fully until this trip.

So I’m looking forward to reuniting with the house. Ayo and I are out in Connecticut now, where she ran yet another Faces of Israel program last night. Later today we’ll be driving over to visit our awesome aunt and uncle, and early Sunday morning I fly out to Los Angeles while Ayo flies out to Vegas and Cleveland for… yup… more film screenings. I’m going to try and get a lot of hiking in during the week that I’ll have to myself in the RV. I’ll be reaching out to a Jewish organization with a huge parking lot in the Angeles National Forest foothills to see if I can use their lot as a base when I’m in the area.

On an unrelated note, the complimentary breakfast at our hotel was more than sufficient, but there was no fruit served. That oversight was made more ironic by the card on each table extolling the healthfulness of their breakfast items… topped off by a photo of a banana.

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4 03 2011
Nellie (The Midlife Cruiser)

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear, I do a happy jig whenever I see there are more young RVers in the world! (well, except for your backpacking stint…HA!)

So just curious, how did you find my blog? Do you know of any more non-geriatric RVers (hehe)? I’ve found a couple of them on their blogs. Does it sound like we are all aliens living among humans? 🙂


6 03 2011

I think I found your blog from a link on another blog. Sorry for the lack of specificity there.

Glenn from To Simplify (tosimplify.blogspot.com) is pretty awesome and is a young RVer. Sam and Tracy from Zen Nomads (I think it’s zennomads.com, but they don’t update their blog) are also young fulltimers. Also Bree and Matt from operationtallyho.com. That’s all that comes to mind now, but I know that there are others out there. NuRvers.com is a site that connects young fulltimers – check it out.

See you on the road,


1 02 2013
Scott Steinfeldt

really fun reading …. thanks and keep up the good work… ps, any luck with solar panel while on your jourveys?

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