Virgin America

7 03 2011

Before flying to Las Vegas this morning, I had never heard of Virgin America.  I figured that it was somehow related to Virgin Atlantic, but that was all.  I promise that I am not being paid to say this, but I have never had a flying experience like the one today.  The designer of this airplane and carrier must have envisioned a chic, flying hotel with customer service to the tee.

When I walked onboard, the first things that caught my eye were low purple mood lighting, sleek seats and relaxing music.  I felt like I had just entered a spa, whereas the person next to me likened our surroundings to a nightclub.  The galley areas were large and contained a large barrel of water bottles (so nice to have them provided right there instead of waiting for / bothering a flight attendant), and the bathrooms were roomy and spotless.

Every seat came equipped with an electricity outlet, a pocket for reading material and a mesh bag for all of your other stuff.  TV selections, music and music videos were available on my private screen (for free) even before takeoff.  I could order food, beverages (even complimentary ones) and anything else to my seat by using the touch screen in front of me.  Also, the video safety briefing and Virgin America literature was just funny and written in a relaxed conversational tone.

The airline is in the middle of fine-tuning a few additional (free) features on the individual touch screens including suggested reading material, airplane chat rooms and seat-to-seat chat in case you’re not seated with your travel companion.  I’m totally wowed.  🙂

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7 03 2011

Wow sounds awesome!! too bad you didn’t get to take pics :p

7 03 2011

I’ve long wanted to fly Virgin but haven’t for a myriad of reasons. Mostly the fact that Southwest tends to fly almost everywhere I need/want to go and usually has the best fares. After reading your post (and other reviews just like it) I REALLY want to check out Virgin. They sound awesome.
Thanks for sharing the review. (I’m guessing you may have had no check-ins but do you know if they charged extra for bags??)
Tally ho…

7 03 2011

Once upon a time I had the good fortune of flying Virgin Atlantic first class. They had a MASSEUSE onboard!

7 03 2011
Carol J Kerr

Wow… Customer service and focus on an airplane! What a concept! So nice to hear someone out there is still interested in getting it right…

10 03 2011

@Rebekah: I actually did take photos! The challenge is that my phone does not connect to my computer (or at least I don’t have the proper cable) and that is where the photos are stored. Alas…

@Matt: I didn’t check any baggage, but I believe that Virgin charges $25 for checking a piece of luggage. Not fun, but also kind of the norm these days.

@Yair: A masseuse? Are you kidding me?! When did you fly first class?

@Carol: You guys are in Austin, right? There’s a small chance that I will be in town during the second week in April and I’d love to meet up! Will keep you posted.

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