Ay’s Back!

14 03 2011

Late Sunday morning I picked up Ayo from LAX. We headed over to Westchester Recreation Center to hang out on some grass and watch a baseball game, and ate some awesome pumpkin bread that I baked last night.

I had heard that baking in RV ovens could be tricky because of uneven heating and uncertain temperatures. I made sure that the oven thermometer read exactly 350 degrees when I slid the three loaves onto the rack. Shortly thereafter the RV smelled like heaven and I was tasting moist and succulent pumpkin bread. The simple, great recipe is here. If you at all like or want to try baking, try this. It rocks.

Ready To Go In The Oven

Ready To Go In The Oven

Finished Product

Finished Product

We have a parking spot hookup in Manhattan Beach, so we’ll be hanging here for a few days to enjoy the beaches and sunny skies before heading back to the Valley to see friends.

It’s good to have the lady friend back.

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One response

14 03 2011
Carol J Kerr

Pumpkin bread looks yummy. I’ve done okay with the rv oven so far. Just takes a LONG time to reach the right temp!

Bet it’s nice to both be back in RV. Enjoy the beach!

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