Summer Is Getting Closer And Our Solar Array Is Doing Great!

16 03 2011

How do I know that summer is approaching? Solar panel output.

The amperage I’m getting from our solar panels during peak hours is increasing because the sun is higher in the sky and is out for longer! In the heart of winter I was lucky to get 6.5 amps, and today the panels are putting out close to 10 amps. It’s noon and the batteries are already up to full charge, so I have the pleasure of using the sun to directly charge my computer, phone, HyperMac, and camera battery. Sick.

Update: The awesomeness of our array is becoming annoying. I need to exercise our generator for an hour or so – something every generator owner should do monthly – but I can’t find any time where I could possibly find it useful. Maybe I’ll wait for a cool night and use it to power our electric heater.

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