Manhattan Beach

17 03 2011

Manhattan Beach has been great. Ayo’s dad used to travel frequently for work and lived in Marriott hotels for a while, so his status got us a free parking spot at a Residence Inn one mile east of the beach and one mile west of a beautiful park. We’ve been here for four nights and will be heading out to Beverly Hills and the Valley later today. The hotel has graciously allowed us to enjoy breakfast and a daily manager’s reception (wine, salads, and a hearty appetizer). We’ve used the jacuzzi every night and have access to a yet-unused fitness center. This parking setup couldn’t be much better.

Our first and second days here we worked out by the beach and did some long (~5 mile) walks around, but two nights ago we were a bit lazier and felt like senior citizens when we went for a walk… doing laps around the property. Toward the end of our walk Ayo asked me if I wanted to “skip the last lap” and I quickly said “Sure!” and headed for the jacuzzi. Ayo cracked up. She meant the motion of skipping, not the omission of our last lap.

Later this week we’re going to meet up with some friends in LA. We’re excited for Purim and Ayo is psyched that she will be able to join a friend for a day of Renaissance Faire classes and improv workshops. The workshops are supposed to be for cast only, but her friend got permission to sneak her in.

I’m still looking forward to leaving LA, but this has been and will continue to be a great week.

*Big news to come about a large-scale project that I’m working on.

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17 03 2011
Stumpy and Cyndi

If you’ve got to be among the mass of people that is the LA area, Manhattan Beach is not a bad pleace to be!

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