Night Two At Desert Pools RV Resort, And A Timeshare Presentation

25 03 2011

We finished our “membership” presentation earlier today. After the presentation I was meandering around the internet reading about people’s experiences with RV membership clubs and found this at Nick’s blog:

“If you have ever attended a membership campground sales pitch, you probably know that the people hustling these memberships have hard sell down to a science. I’ve known more than one RVer who has walked out of the room after being pushed too far one time too many.”

Our experience was an exact 180 from Nick’s. The sales rep that we met with was a nice middle-age woman who had sung “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh” at karaoke the night before. She – Susan – was personable in a very genuine way and was interested in hearing about our being “ahead of the curve by about thirty years” on RVing. Susan was a good salesperson, but she did sell herself a bit short. After we chatted for about twenty minutes and told her that this was our first RV resort in seven months on the road, she told us that the lifelong membership program probably wouldn’t be a good fit. She was right, but her bigger mistake was in assuming that the membership cost wouldn’t work with our budget – the main reason she gave in telling us that joining wouldn’t be a great idea right now.

In reality, the numbers looked very attractive and would have warranted further research had we been interested in the RV resort life. Nevertheless, we just walked out of a “90 minutes of your time” sales presentation having been told by the salesperson thirty minutes in that buying wouldn’t be a good move for us. Thanks, Susan.

Romance Novels Encroach On The Finance Section In The RV Resort Library

Romance Novels Encroach On The Finance Section In The RV Resort Library

Segue….. so, karaoke last night!

Hanging out with the people here has been surprisingly fun. Nearly everyone at this resort is a senior, but they are a self-selected group and for the most part are full of life. We’ve had conversations with a lot of people here and have becomes friends with an older couple who have taught us to play Marbles & Jokers, a game similar to Sorry!, but involving more strategy. We joined them yesterday evening for ice cream and karaoke, where we recognized a few of the many oldies that were played. Ayo grew up on a bunch of hilarious patriotic videos that included some 50’s tunes, so we sung Bobbie Day’s 1958 hit “Rockin’ Robin” before two intense games of Marbles & Jokers. (The emcee called us up as “these two kids”.)

Things are going well here, and it’s looking like we’ll head to Joshua Tree on Sunday.

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4 responses

25 03 2011
rach g.

“hilarious patriotic videos” – dude, nothing beats Kidsongs. I’m seriously thinking about picking up the DVD versions for Gabe.

25 03 2011

Yeah, you totally should! Though Jonny might take umbrage at “Seasons Come, Seasons Go, But America’s Heroes Will Live Forever!” 🙂

25 03 2011

omg that sounds like my dream trip, i’m not kidding, i love old people and shuffleboard, karaoke and cocktails….

25 03 2011

Then you have until April 30th to get to Dillon Road in Desert Hot Springs. After the 30th they close the RV resort for the summer.


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