Karma (Part 1 of 2)

6 04 2011

Note: This two-part post is long, but it’s a goodie.  So, hang in there!  Separately, the pictures are pretty decent quality.  However, we are still grappling with the WordPress bug, so just click on the images for high resolution photos.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Yair and I shared our campsite on Friday night with a family who had their hopes set on overnighting at Belle campground but arrived too late to snag a site of their own.  The father had two young kids and a dog all to himself for the weekend and seemed to welcome the extra sets of eyes and hands.  Yair and I taught the kids, Ian and Emmy, how to make a campfire, spot an Iridium flare and play with a hula hoop, and gave them a tour of the RV.  We ended off our visit together with a temporary tattoo party, courtesy of a local artist (okay, fine… me).  The kids had a great time, the dad was appreciative and I was glad to have made someone’s life a bit easier.

Ayo Working Tattoo Magic

Ayo Working Tattoo Magic

Emmy Showing Off Her Rockin' Sun Tattoo

Emmy Showing Off Her Rockin' Sun Tattoo

Moments after welcoming the family to our site, Yair and I encountered a – literally – wandering Swiss couple who are in the midst of a biking expedition across North America.  The couple, Claudio and Anina, found themselves biking miles and miles through Joshua Tree National Park in 90 degree weather on Friday afternoon with no available campground in sight.  Without a place to pitch their tent, they would have had to bike 10+ additional miles in the heat of the day to make it to the nearest town before dusk.  Technically, there was a six person per-site limit (and adding them made seven), but I did a quick check with Yair and we invited the couple to pitch their tent alongside us and join our site as well.

Lizard Perfection!

Lizard Perfection!

The Finished Products!

The Finished Products!

They were grateful and we were happy to meet a very fun and adventurous young couple living a parallel life to ours (though perhaps a bit more rugged with all the biking and tenting!).  And I got to play Avraham by pulling out the RV awning, laying out a blanket and serving juices and some refreshing snacks to our wayfaring friends.  (There is a story in the Bible of the forefather Abraham welcoming travelers from a foreign land into his tent in the desert and providing them with food and water.  I drew my line at washing their feet!)  Claudio and Anina were fun people with fascinating stories and – for any readers that understand German – feel free to check out their blog at www.strinzla.blogspot.com.

Claudio and Anina - Admission: I Stole This Photo From Their Site!

Claudio and Anina - I Stole This Photo From Their Site!

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8 04 2011

Another amazing experience – you guys really know how to do it!

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