April Fool’s 2011

9 04 2011

Growing up, I pulled the same stupid prank every year on April Fool’s Day.  I would wake up early, tie a rubberband on the hand-held sink washer in the kitchen and erupt in giddy laughter when my mom turned on the sink and totally drenched herself with the shpritzer.  Every year she would fall for the prank, and every year it induced major belly laughs on my part.

This year, I found myself in Joshua Tree on April 1st 2011 – too far away to rig the trick myself and without phone reception to have someone else tend to the tradition.  I wasn’t too worried because I had something else up my sleeve.

Weeks before, I presented Faces of Israel at a national Jewish conference for people in their 20s and 30s.  In the goodie bag given to each participant was a $25 off coupon for anything from the Spanx website.  I had never laid eyes on a Spanx product, but who was I to turn down a free gift?  Many participants left their coupons behind on the check-in table and I promptly scooped them right up.

Later that month, I scoured the Spanx website, dug up a free shipping promotion and found what may be the only listed product under $25: a seamless designer thong.  Fast-forward an hour and I’ve ordered nearly twenty of these thongs, each in a different color and each shipped in its own pizza-style box.  I sent a couple of boxes to my best buddy (without a note – because who else besides her hubby would ship her a Spanx package?), one to my Oma (to make her blush – she simultaneously yelled at me for embarrassing her and endlessly bragged over how the delivery made her friends laugh) and…  fourteen to my home address.  Not all were ordered for me.  Some were for my sisters, but still.  This brings us to the morning of April 1st:

Ayo’s Dad:  Lainey, you want to come here.

Ayo’s Mom:  Why?  Did we get a package?

Ayo’s Dad:  You could say that.

Even in my absence, April Fool’s strikes again!

Note:  There was no actual trick or joke, but seeing fourteen pizza-boxes worth of thongs piled high on our front doorstep and the doorman of my grandmother’s apartment building inquiring about a package addressed to “Oma’s Tushy Oppenheimer” more than made up for any guilt that I felt over my lack of kitchen sink shpritzing.

Our Dog Kabuki with the Spanx Packages - Too Bad I Don't Have Photos of the Others With Their Presents!

Our Dog Kabuki with the Spanx Packages - Too Bad I Don't Have Photos of the Others With Their Presents!

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4 responses

9 04 2011

What fun! Even better than the tried and true April Folls’ joke!

10 04 2011
matt Simpson-Weber

You guys should write a post of what a typical day looks like while you are on the road. From time you get up, to time to go to bed! Would be interesting to really get the “feel” of your fabulous lifestyle!

10 04 2011

Love this post!

13 04 2011

Thanks for the love, guys! Have you busted out any April Fool’s pranks yourselves in recent years?

@Matt: How sweet of you to be interested in a typical day. However trite this may sound, truly no day is typical! Sometimes we’re hiking, other days we’re meeting interesting people or working on our projects (Faces of Israel and Astronomy on the Road). This week, we’re venturing into Mexico for our first-ever stint of medical tourism. But maybe we’ll jot down some notes on a randomly chosen day – could be fun!

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