My New Project: Astronomy On The Road

24 04 2011

I’ve been hesitant to post about fundraising on the blog, but in the end I decided to share what’s been keeping me so busy.

My life voluntarily went into hyperdrive a few weeks ago. If you recall, when we left New York I sold my 5′ tall telescope because it didn’t come close to fitting in the RV. Smaller yet equally powerful telescopes exist, but are much more expensive.

I want to share astronomy with people across the country and I am fundraising for a powerful compact telescope and solar telescope for science education on the road. I want to demonstrate that science is awesome and accessible by giving thousands of people of all ages the opportunity to see firsthand the universe in which we live. In every community that we visit I will be running free programs at schools, libraries, senior centers, and on sidewalks.

Putting together this project has been a huge undertaking, and lots of people have signed on including the CEO of Virgin Galactic. It’s exciting to be doing something that I’m so passionate about, and with 10 days to go the project is definitely within reach of its $8,000 goal. The way Kickstarter works is that no funding is received and the project doesn’t go forward unless the pledge goal is reached.

We’re close but are not there yet. If you want to get involved, please visit the project page here and spread the word to your friends.

I’ll keep you all in the loop as things progress, and thank you for making this project go forward.

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2 responses

24 04 2011

Thanks, Glenn!

25 04 2011

Matt, too!

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