Project Update, Phoenix Update

29 04 2011

The last few weeks have been great fun and the outpouring of generosity that I’ve seen has inspired me to push hard to make my project happen. And it’s looking like it will.

With five days to go, Astronomy On The Road is 91% funded and is just a few hundred dollars away from going forward. My experience over the last three weeks makes me certain that those few hundred will come through, and I’ve already started trolling astronomy classifieds in search of a great deal on a powerful telescope. I’m excited to get back into sharing science.

As for Phoenix, this place is fine but isn’t anything special. The sprawl and heat are a bit… sprawly and hot. The people that we’ve met are all wonderful, however, and it’s been particularly nice to reconnect with friends who moved out here from New York. The plan is that Ayo will be speaking at here on Saturday night, and will then by flying out to New York on Monday. Which means that I’ll have some free time.

Diana from Life On The Open Road isn’t too far from here, so I’m looking forward to meeting up with her on Wednesday evening. Separately, we met a guy out here who owns a metal scrapping operation and he’s down with showing me his “lawnmower shredder” in action. That’s another thing I don’t want to miss.

Otherwise, I’m in search of a nice, quiet, and free place to camp around here, preferably at higher elevation where it’ll be cooler. The Mogollon Rim is a possibility, but since I may have to swing back to pick up Ayo, I’d rather not do 200 miles of driving. I read something about Hewitt Station Road near Apache Junction, and I’m thinking that a visit to a Ranger Station is in order.

Any ideas?

[Update: Oak Flat campground is 30 miles closer than Payson, is around 4,000′, is free for 14 days, and should have space available mid-week.]

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