Meeting One Of Our Readers

2 05 2011

Some of our readers comment on the blog, but others prefer to email. Fred is a reader and fellow RVer who emails me occasionally, and he recently messaged me to say that he would be nearby for his granddaughter’s college softball game.

Yair and Fred

Yair and Fred

So yesterday afternoon we made our way over to the ballfield and met up with Fred, in the process befriending a really darn cute dog. The day was mildly hectic, with a lot of project work on my end and Faces of Israel work on Ay’s plate, but a quick diversion to meet a reader ended up being a fun way to spent part of our afternoon. And his granddaughter’s softball team won in extra innings!

Ayo And Her New Best Friend

Ayo And Her New Best Friend

Today I dropped Ayo off at the airport and spent some time hanging out at a Tonto National Forest Ranger Station, soaking in lots of information about the forest that I’ll soon be heading off into. I need to do a bit more stocking up on food, but I’m really looking forward to being out in nature for a week or so.

On a completely unrelated note, Ayo’s program on Saturday night was a smash, and thanks to some new fun friends I found out afterwards that I like Greek food. A lot.

Find The RV... Our Parking Spot On Friday and Saturday Night

Find The RV... Our Scenic Parking Spot On Friday and Saturday Night

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3 05 2011

yes we too have been watching a lot of softball and with only 4 games of my daughters season left we won’t being seeing much of it in the future…

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