Our Friends, The Gentiles

6 05 2011

The eight-day holiday of Passover came to a close last week and – while I normally would have been hankering for a slize of pizza or an oversized bagel by the end of the eight days – I hadn’t missed any of these forbidden foods one bit.  This probably had to do with the amount of quality food that I consumed over the holiday, both at the Ramah Darom Pesach retreat and also back in Phoenix, thanks to the wonderful families who adopted us over the holiday.

This brief post is dedicated to our friends, “the gentiles“.  There are many oddities within the Jewish faith, one of which is the tradition of selling all chametz (leavened bread and forbidden foods) to non-Jews for the duration of Passover.  While the sale may be legally valid, the arrangement tends to be pretty symbolic.  The sold food remains within the seller’s pantry and I don’t know of a single buyer who has ever wandered into a Jewish kitchen to claim the chametz during Passover and pay the corresponding amount.

Selling our chametz is one of the quirkier Jewish practices that Yair and I observe.  After a quick jaunt online and the input of data describing the amount and location of our chametz, Yair and I received an e-mail with the following message:

This email is to confirm that we have received your Sale of Chametz form.  Your confirmation number is: 7320708  The actual sale of your Chametz to a gentile will take place on Monday, April 18, 2011.

Thank you, gentile friends.  🙂  In other news, my time in New York has been wonderful.  I’ve enjoyed seeing friends and family, and have presented six of my ten Faces of Israel gigs so far.  Yair is in the middle of Tonto National Forest, where he has no real access to phone or internet.  He hiked to a patchy service area and asked me to share this message:

I’ve evaded Verizon.  It’s quiet, emptyish campground, huge site, lots of geocaches.  Found a site with a tree blocking the RV in the east, so I get solid solar starting around 10am, but the rv doesn’t bake me awake in the morning.

That’s all for now.  Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

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4 responses

6 05 2011

Never had someone come by 😉 but one year in Teaneck my parent’s shul had an emergency phone message go out because the person who they sold the chametz to forgot to show up right after Passover for the appointment with the rabbi… so people didn’t really own their chametz yet.

9 05 2011

That’s hilarious. If I was the buyer, I would TOTALLY go from house to house and check out everyone’s stash. How awesome would that be?

6 05 2011

Don’t ever try selling me your pizza in the hopes/tradition that I will not pick it up. If I purchase pizza it will be collected and eaten forthwith!

9 05 2011

Haha, duly noted.

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