My Oma

15 05 2011

Update, May 17 2011:  In the Jewish culture, there is a lot of emphasis placed on the concept of Shalom Bayit, keeping peace in the house.  The original “My Oma” post got me in the doghouse with my dear grandmother who did not find the post as endearing as I meant it to be.  To that effect and for the sake of Shalom Bayit, the revised version is below.

In my experience, most people have soft and sweet “sugarcane” type of grandmothers.  Not me.

My Oma is a strong and feisty woman who demonstrates her love, intelligence and care, but nevertheless is a source of refreshing amusement.  Here are two super short and amusing Oma stories from this week:

1.  My little sister, Jessica, will be spending the summer volunteering at a hospital in Botswana.  I guess all African countries sound the same to my Oma, who has been telling her friends that Jessie is spending the summer working in Rwanda.  Oy.  🙂

2.  When visiting Oma this week, she proudly introduced me to her doorman.  “This is my granddaughter.  Did you know – she lives in an SUV.”  The doorman politely smiled.  Yes, my Oma has been telling all of her friends that we – mamesh* – live in an SUV.  I guess the two words sound alike.  RVs and SUVs are both vehicles, but as if we weren’t already odd enough to the world, our story gets a little stranger.   🙂

Gotta love your family!

*Mamesh is a Yiddish word used for emphasis and can be substituted in the sentence above with the words “really” or “actually”.

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18 05 2011

Loved your Oma stories and I can relate because my mom often gets her words confused. Before leaving for Norway she called and suggested we try staying in a brothel! She meant hostel! It must run in the family because my sister suggested I get our mom a Joe Namoth Grill….George Foreman…not even close!!! I enjoy your adventures and spirit and anticipate joining you on the road soon.

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