Jump-Starting Ourselves, I-40E, And A Night At The Stables

19 05 2011

We were ready to pull out of Winslow around 10:30pm yesterday, but when I plugged in the GPS I noticed that the charging light didn’t turn on. Weird. Then our ignition interlock didn’t work. Also weird. Then I realized that our headlight switch was on. And had been on for at least six hours. Shit.

Then I realized that we have some awesome redundancies. Our starting battery’s job is to start the truck, but there’s a switch near the steering wheel that I can use to start the truck off of our coach batteries. Which can be charged from our solar panels. Jump-starting ourselves worked!

Thanks, Mazatzal Casino! (I Won $20 With My $10 Of Free Play)

Thanks, Mazatzal Casino! (I Won $20 With My $10 Of Free Play)

We pulled out onto I-40 East and were immediately in awe of the highway. Before I describe our ride, those of you who don’t drive houses need to know that when you drive a house-on-wheels you feel every bump in the road. But the gushing: The Arizona DOT had clearly paved the highway a few days earlier, and they had clearly used pixie dust. It felt like we were a puck on an air-hockey table. Never, ever, have we cruised down a highway for miles and felt nary a twitch in the road. It was sweet.

I Found This Shell Casing. Anyone Know What Kind Of Gun It's From?

I Found This Shell Casing. Anyone Know What Kind Of Gun It's From?

The Bottom Of The Casing

The Bottom Of The Casing

Somewhere on the internets I had read that the Navajo County Fairgrounds were a fine place to overnight in Holbrook, which is the nearest town to Petrified Forest National Park. After driving past a wigwam motel, we arrived at the fairgrounds and I went for a walk. Ayo wanted to chill in the RV, but I walked over to the stables and saw a horse hanging out outside. It was love at first sniff. He smelled me for a minute, I talked quietly to him, and the next thing I knew he was turning different parts of his head and neck toward me, as if to show me exactly where he wanted to be pet. But there was tilapia to be had back at the RV, so I said goodbye to the horse and walked back home.

We’re now at the Holbrook post office, where I just picked up a new charger for my phone. Off to Petrified Forest shortly!

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19 05 2011

It’s a rifle.

19 05 2011

Any idea what kind, or bullet caliber?

19 05 2011

Unfortunately, those nice sooth roads won’t last long. The high temps in the summer softens the tars so the heavier vehicles create ruts.

The winds have let up a little, lucky for you. that stretch of I-40 can be brutal.

Are you headed out Kingman way?

19 05 2011

The winds have been pretty reasonable, although they’ve certainly let their presence be known.

We’ll be heading west toward Flagstaff, but once we hit Flag we bear south toward Sedona and Phoenix. What are you up to out in Kingman?

19 05 2011
Marie Weber

Hey guys….thanks for the comment on my post about the new cabinet…your comment means a lot to me…..you two have got it right, I love keeping up with your adventures….marie and the famous Chief

19 05 2011

Thanks, guys!

22 05 2011
Yoni Goldstein

Looks like a 30-06, standard full metal jacket cartridge. Used on hunting rifles. Cool find!

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