Pet-Sitting Atheists, And A Great Strategy By Planned Parenthood

29 05 2011

(We’re having a great time in Seattle and have been pretty on-the-go since we arrived. Post and pics to come.)

I read about two clever things recently.

1) Some Christians believe that a time will come when good Christians will be taken up to heaven and bad Christians will be left behind. “Bad Christians” includes non-believers, but in some Christian eschatology pets also don’t make it up to heaven. A group of atheists saw an excellent business opportunity in this and began offering pet-sitting services for the pets who are left behind. These guys are animal lovers and “confirmed atheists” and charge $135 for their sitting services (per pet) in the event that the Rapture occurs within ten years.

2) Regardless of what you think of abortion, it’s a fact that Planned Parenthood has had to deal with protesters for a long time. A number of years back they came up with a really clever partial solution. They call it “Pledge-A-Picket” and they market it as “their protesters helping them to raise money.” Planned Parenthood recruited a large group of small donors who pledge to make a donation every time a picketer shows up at their centers or events. Now every picketer who shows up has to deal with the fact that their protesting will result in a donation to Planned Parenthood. Clever!

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29 05 2011
Stumpy and Cyndi

I repectfully submit that I’m still looking for an RV, if any of those folks being called to the Rapture, feels the need to do one more good deed. I hear they have until October, sometime, now. Oh yeah! I’ll take that RV and care for any pets that come with it at no extra charge!

I love the irony of PP’s, “Pledge-a-Picket,” campaign!

Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

31 05 2011

LOVE the pledge-a-picket, what a great idea, thanks for sharing.

And the jokes about the rapture are always funny, but scary also when you stop and think how many people there are in this world who believe in really crazy religious stuff.

1 06 2011

I love those Earthbound Pet people. And, bravo to PP for that great fund-raising strategy!

I just hope those RVing Rapturists pull over and park before things get hairy, because I don’t want to be looking for a moving upgrade.


1 06 2011

Just stopped by to visit your blog after reading Diana’s post. You have a wonderful blog and I enjoyed reading it. We too are full timers but started about 7 years ago at 55. You are fortunate to be enjoying this lifestyle now.
Have fun & Travel safe

2 06 2011

Welcome! Hope you stop by again!

3 06 2011

in a word..brilliant, on the pledge a picket and really? how much money have they collected so far for pet sitting.. this is what i REALLY want to know (:

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