Astronomy On The Road In Flagstaff

6 06 2011

On Saturday night over a period of less than two hours, 171 people looked into the eyepiece of my project’s telescope and marveled at the rings of Saturn. Flagstaff is a pretty serious astronomy town and my first customer of the night was an engineer at Lowell Observatory. I totally didn’t expect my first question to be about the recent supernova in M51!

Kids Stop By To See Saturn Before Bedtime

Private Observing With A Project Backer

Private Observing With A Project Backer

The night was fast-paced and I had awesome handouts from NASA’s x-ray observatory to distribute. A reporter from the local daily came out to cover the event, and Ayo was a huge help in carrying equipment and hawking free views of Saturn.

Doing Some 'Splaining

It's A Wig (I Asked)

A Crowd Forms Around The Telescope

Evidently There Was Some Sort Of Costume Party Going On

So far Astronomy On The Road is up to 266 views in two weeks. Not bad!

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10 06 2011

This sounds amazing! Do you have a logbook, or some way of keeping track a) of how many views you’ve provided and b) who the people are. Like maybe they fill in name, age, city, profession, and optional comment. It would be a good documentation of how many and what sorts of people you were able to reach out to.

10 06 2011

No, but it’s a good idea. The question is really how practicable it would be, as I’m uber-busy during events. It’s tough even to keep track with a hand-counter the number of people peering into the eyepiece.

25 06 2011
Brooke (siayla)

Awesome! Wish I met up with you here 😉

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