13 06 2011

So we are at the start of the 215-mile drive from Grand Canyon’s South Rim to its North Rim. We’re hanging out at an overlook called Desert View playing a game of Anagrams when a woman comes up to us:

“Hey! Are you the people from the blog?”

“Depends. Which blog?”

“Our take on freedom.”

“No way! Yeah, that’s us.”

What are the chances! Karly had no idea that we were at the Grand Canyon. She just happened to be walking by a bench at the same time that we were sitting there and recognized us from our blog photos. After introducing us to her husband Steve, we toured each others’ RVs (they have a Rialta) and spent some time chatting.

The Two Of Us With Karly And Steve

The Two Of Us With Karly And Steve

Karly and Steve are wonderful people and we’re so happy to have met them, but HOLY CRAP what a coincidence! It’s like we’re Z-list celebrities!  🙂

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14 06 2011
rach g.

totally awesome.

14 06 2011


14 06 2011

You didn’t know? We’re founding members of 1980s hair metal band Nitro.

16 06 2011

Steve and I really, really enjoyed meeting you!
After seeing you, we we enjoyed wonderful family camping, and all 5 of us hiked into the Canyon twice.

16 06 2011

SO exciting!!! how much fun to be recognized!! we loved the south rim too and were too early to see the north rim (at the time) so will see that next time around.. you two are blazing a trail on boondocking!

25 06 2011
Brooke (siayla)

I think I’d fall of the bench if that happened to us 🙂

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