Special Attention From A Stranger, And… Utah! (Part 1 of 2)

20 06 2011

On our last night at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, I noticed a sign publicizing a live music performance that evening.  Yair was busy tending to RV upkeep and I wanted to check out the performance, so we decided to each do our own thing and meet back up at a 7 pm ranger program.

I had expected that the performance would be a casual ensemble of folks strumming on their instruments in front of the park’s convenience store.  Instead, I found my way to an all-you-can-eat dinner buffet with mood lighting, a formal stage and a duo of singing and joke-cracking performers.  Unsure if I would be allowed to stay, I quietly sat down on a bench facing the stage and was promptly offered a drink.

“Hi!  Can I get you some lemonade or iced tea?”

You know, I didn’t officially reserve dinner tonight, so I don’t know if I’m allowed.  I’ll just stay a few minutes to listen if that’s alright.”

The waitress goes to the back of the room and speaks with her manager.  Moments later, the manager walks directly over to where I am seated.  He says:

“You didn’t buy a dinner ticket, did you?”

I confirm his suspicions and am fairly certain that he is about to ask me to leave. Instead, the manager (Barney) asks the waitress to bring me a drink and tells me to relax and enjoy the performance.  When Barney walks by a few minutes later, we strike up a short conversation, during which he tells me what a beautiful name Ayo is.  Before I thank him for his hospitality and sneak out of the performance to meet Yair, Barney brings over a few of the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies from dessert and says that he hopes to see me again soon.  He smiles and then walks away.  I skip over to Yair in a childishly giddy mood and catch him up.

From the time I was thirteen years old until I started dating Yair at nineteen, I was shown a lot of interest from guys in our community.  I wasn’t cocky about it and I rarely let guys take me on a date or treat me to anything, but I was nevertheless showered with letters, chocolate, serenades and more.  Barney treated me in a sweet, proper and wholesome way, but there was no doubt that he was interested in me.  I love Yair more than anything else and I’ve never been the type to get my confidence from guys, but it was absolutely happifying to be treated to a free concert, drink and cookie just for being a young beautiful and smiling girl.  (Squeal!)  🙂

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